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Aaron Kernaghan Solicitor.png

Aaron Kernaghan

Legal Practitioner

Special Counsel for Criminal Law Litigation

Solicitor & Barrister at Law

Practice Areas


  • Appellate

  • Crimes against the person

  • Drugs

  • Environmental and planning offences

  • Extradition

  • Fraud

  • Proceeds of crime/money laundering

  • Property offences

  • Sexual assault

  • White collar and corporate crime

  • Work health and safety


  • Litigation Preparation and Conduct

  • Investigations & Review of Workplace Conduct Matters

  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

  • Art and Entertainment Law and Litigation


Civil Appeals in the NSW Court of Appeal

Criminal Appeals in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal

Judicial Review in the NSW Supreme Court


Extradition Proceedings

Trans-national crime

My Story

Aaron Kernaghan has been practicing law for 23 years with a focus in criminal litigation. Aaron worked for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions with a serious indictable crime practice including appearing as trial advocate for the Director and as a liaison to the Attorney General of NSW (Criminal Law Review Division) on behalf of Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Nicholas Cowdery KC. 

He has worked more than a decade in private practice as a trial defence lawyer in serious and high-profile trials of all varieties under both New South Wales and Commonwealth law and has an extensive history of criminal defence in defended hearings before the summary courts of New South Wales. Aaron has a comprehensive set of experience in the criminal appeals jurisdiction, providing advice and representation to defendants both in custody and on bail. 

Aaron has a unique set of skills combining procedural and substantive knowledge of prosecution work and defence work (having worked on both sides of the criminal justice system). Aaron has provided training and lectures to NSW Police at the Police Academy at Goulburn and for the Detectives Course and collaborated with the NSW JIRT and related commands in the development of protocols and management of complaints and Work Health and Safety and procedural responses to workplace conduct complaints and investigations.

Aaron appeared as counsel for a wide variety of parties, including survivors and institutions at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

He is a member of the Law Society of NSW and the Institute of Law in Victoria, as well as the European Criminal Bar Association. Aaron has been admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia and before the Supreme Court of New South Wales since 2000. 

A passionate patron of performing arts, Aaron has worked with some of the leading Australian artists in the area of arts law and performance/event management and promotion.


Aaron is always available to assist you in your legal matters. Get in touch with our office or ring directly.

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