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Leah J. Rowan
Unrivalled Criminal Litigation Success

Leah J Rowan is one of the leading senior junior barristers practising at the criminal Bar in Sydney and New South Wales. She has successfully defended some of the most serious murder cases in the Supreme Court and has a long history of directly identifying the needs of a case while securing the solutions that only lateral thinking and a critical outside view can provide. 


Leah has experience in legal education, complex brief preparation and the development of critical thinking in response to unusual or untested aspects of criminal litigation. 

Solicitor Aaron Kernaghan's preferred counsel for criminal and appellate litigation, he has been instructing Leah J Rowan for the past 20 years with a success rate unbeaten by any other trial team. Aaron Kernaghan can take instructions and work with Leah to achieve the very best outcome in your criminal law case.


Combined we have over 50 years experience practicing exclusively in criminal law making a powerhouse or dream team criminal litigation profile for your matter.


Aaron Kernaghan  can represent you in conjunction with Leah in the following matters, money launderingproceeds of crimesex offencesmurderfreezing of assetsdrug charges for all full list of our services click here.


Leah J Rowan has a busy practice requiring early briefing in order to secure her services. Reach out now


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