We provide services primarily on the eastern seaboard of New South Wales, with litigation representation for people in Melbourne and Brisbane also available. 

Our main court centres are located at:

Albion Park Local Court

Campbelltown Local Court

Campbelltown District Court

Campbelltown Children's Court

Kiama Local Court

Port Kembla Children's Court

Port Kembla Local Court

Sydney Supreme Court

Sydney Darlinghurst Court

Sydney Downing Centre Local Court

Sydney Downing Centre District Court

Waverly Local Court

Wollongong Local Court

Wollongong District Court

Wollongong Supreme Court

We also provide services to our clients in the Sutherland Court and South Sydney by working with our esteemed colleague Ms Amanda Brady at Brady & Associates Lawyers.

In New South Wales the Criminal Justice System is made up of:

Court of Criminal Appeal

Supreme Court

District Court

Local Court

Children accused are dealt with, in most cases, by the Children's Court of New South Wales, though their matters may be dealt with in other courts depending on the type and seriousness.

Generally the Court of Criminal Appeal is the final court of appeal in New South Wales, though it is possible to appeal to the High Court of Australia. Such appeals generally require special leave of the High Court and defendants do not have a free right of appeal to go there.

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