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Antony Neve

Legal Practitioner

Senior Associate

Solicitor & Barrister at Law

Practice Areas

Family Law

Wills Probate


Debt Collection

Appeals against state and federal government department decisions 

General legal practice

My Story

Anthony Neve was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2016 as a Solicitor and Barrister and then to the High Court of Australia in 2017. He specialises in areas of Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills Probate, Estates, Debt Collection, appeals against state and federal government department decisions, and General legal practice. Anthony has extensive experience and a proven record of success in his areas of practice.  

Anthony has qualifications from the University of Wollongong, Australian National University, and Charles Stuart University and holds a Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Merit), and Bachelor of Social Science, as well as multiple high level and specialist qualifications and accreditations in state and federal government functions. 

Anthony has extensive experience in other fields, having worked as a Law Enforcement professional, contract investigator to various Australian Public Service Agencies, and a national security risk assessor. He has also worked as a family advocate at the Wollongong and Sydney Federal Circuit and Family Court.  

Anthony has been the officer in charge and principal investigator in thousands of successful criminal prosecutions and AVO and ADVOs. He is also a well-respected contracted assessor, investigator, and decision-maker by various federal and state government agencies.  

Anthony provides all his clients with personalised services and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to your matter, not just in the law but his intimate knowledge of how the police and many government departments operate and make decisions. Anthony can assist clients in resolving their problems often achieving quick and favourable decisions for clients without the need for lengthy and costly litigation. 

Anthony is appointed to the Legal Aid Family and Criminal law panels. If you are eligible for Legal Aid or are not sure make an appointment and Anthony can guide you and if needed help you fill out the application form.


Antony is always available to assist you in your legal matters. Get in touch with our office or ring directly.

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